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Residential Inpatient Program for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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Medical Detox serving Massachusetts

7-21 Day Programs

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A Medical Detox Center is a facility that specializes in withdrawing patients safely from Alcohol and Drugs Rehab and start the road to recovery. You will receive attention from Medical Staff in a comfortable setting to ensure you safely transition into recovery. Case Management, Clinical Therapy, and Aftercare Planning is provided during your treatment.


- Get Sober -

Medical Detox includes Clinical Assessment and Professional Withdrawal Management. Even the smallest addictions can be potentially dangerous withdrawals and require professional withdrawal management provided by a Medical Detox Team. Receive proper medical care for 3-7 days.


- Understand Addiction -

Residential Treatment is for individuals with Mental Health Crises or who have completed Medical Detox to receive life-saving clinical counseling and treatment planning. Receive expert Clinical Therapy in a safe and comfortable setting for a period of 2-4 weeks.


- Receive Support -

Transition out of our residential program and back into your daily life. 12-step AA meetings, individual therapy, psychopharmacology, and regular check-ins with your aftercare specialist are employed to maintain the progress you’ve achieved at Resilience Behavioral Health.

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Our Trauma Informed Addiction Detox and Treatment Center understands how to achieve recovery.

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Finding help when you have an Addiction problem is the first step toward a healthier future. With a professional Medical Detox, you can walk the road to recovery. Get started today.

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