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Finding Affordable EMDR Therapy Options in Massachusetts

Finding affordable EMDR therapy in Massachusetts can be a bit of a hunt, but there are ways to make it easier. Start by checking out community health centers or clinics, they sometimes offer sliding scale fees based on what you can afford.

Non-profit organizations might also have reduced-cost or even free EMDR sessions available. Another tip is to reach out to local universities with psychology programs. They often have clinics where graduate students provide therapy at lower rates under supervision. 

You could also browse online directories focused on mental health resources in Massachusetts. It might take some digging, but these approaches could lead you to affordable EMDR therapy options that won’t break the bank. 

Finding Cost-Effective EMDR Therapy in Massachusetts

Here’s how you can find affordable EMDR therapy in Massachusetts:

EMDR sessions usually cost between $150 and $250, but in big cities like Boston, they can be higher. Some therapists adjust their fees based on your income or financial situation, so it’s worth asking about. If your insurance covers out-of-network services, it might help pay for part of your EMDR sessions. Make sure to verify with your insurance company.

Finding Affordable Options:

  1. Look for therapists in the EMDR International Association directory who offer reduced fees. You can search by location and filter for lower-cost options.
  2. Community mental health centers often charge less based on what you can afford. You can find these through your local listings or by contacting your county health department.
  3. Universities and training centers sometimes have therapy services at lower rates. Places like McLean Hospital or Harvard University might offer these services.
  4. Consider online therapy platforms like Open Path Psychotherapy Collective or Talkspace, which might have more affordable EMDR therapy options.

Extra Tips

  1. Group therapy might be cheaper than individual sessions.
  2. Many therapists offer free first meetings to talk about fees and treatment.
  3. Don’t be afraid to talk to therapists about fees, sometimes they’re flexible, especially if money is tight.
  4. Look for grants or scholarships specifically for EMDR therapy on the EMDR International Association website.

Seeking Free or Reduced-Cost EMDR Sessions

Check Community Health Centers

These places often offer EMDR therapy at reduced prices based on what you can pay. They want to help everyone, no matter their money situation. You can find them by searching online or contacting local health centers in Massachusetts.

Try Teletherapy

Lots of therapists now do EMDR sessions over video calls. It might be cheaper than going in person. Look for websites that focus on online therapy in Massachusetts.

Ask About Free Sessions

Some therapists offer free or very cheap sessions every month for people who can’t afford therapy. You can ask therapists directly or contact mental health groups in Massachusetts.

Look into Group Therapy

Sometimes, therapy places with lots of therapists working together have better prices for EMDR sessions than single therapists. You can search for these group therapy clinics in Massachusetts.

Think Outside the Box: 

Sometimes, places like community centers or religious groups might have EMDR therapy at lower prices. It’s worth checking out these less common options in Massachusetts.

Don’t forget, it might take some searching, but trying out these various choices in Massachusetts could help you find the right EMDR therapy that suits what you need. 

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Strategies For Affordable EMDR Therapy in Massachusetts

Some practical ways to find affordable EMDR therapy in Massachusetts:

Local Health Departments and Clinics: 

Get in touch with your local health departments or clinics that focus on mental health. They often have programs that offer EMDR therapy at reduced costs. They can also guide you to therapists or organizations with affordable options.

State-Based Mental Health Programs: 

Massachusetts likely has state-funded mental health programs that provide low-cost or free therapy, including EMDR. Look online or contact state mental health authorities for details on available programs.

University Counseling Centers:

Check with local universities in Massachusetts. They often have counseling centers that offer therapy services at lower rates. Students in training may provide EMDR therapy under supervision, making it more affordable.

Nonprofit Mental Health Organizations

Explore nonprofits dedicated to mental health support in Massachusetts. They often have resources and partnerships that connect individuals with affordable therapy options, including EMDR. Contact them directly or check their websites for assistance.

Online Directories and Referral Services

Use online directories focused on mental health resources in Massachusetts. Some platforms categorize therapists based on fees or offer filters for affordability. Referral services can connect you with therapists offering discounted EMDR therapy.

EMDR Training Institutes

Look into institutes that teach EMDR therapy. They may offer low-cost sessions conducted by therapists in training. These sessions are typically supervised and can be more budget-friendly. Inquire with these institutes in Massachusetts for potential affordable therapy options.

Advocacy Groups and Support Networks

Join local mental health advocacy groups or support networks. These groups often share information about affordable therapy resources and may provide recommendations or personal experiences with accessible EMDR therapy options in the area.

Don’t forget, checking out these various options might lead you to find EMDR therapy in Massachusetts that fits both what you need and what you can afford.

Take Steps Towards Affordable EMDR Therapy in Massachusetts

Community Health Fairs and Events

Keep an eye out for community health fairs or events in Massachusetts. Sometimes, these events offer mental health resources, including information about affordable EMDR therapy options. Organizations and therapists often participate in such gatherings to provide guidance or even discounted services.

Local Support Hotlines

Massachusetts might have local mental health hotlines or crisis helplines that can guide on accessing affordable EMDR therapy. These hotlines often have trained staff who can offer information, referrals, or support.

Patient Assistance Programs

Some pharmaceutical companies or private organizations offer patient assistance programs that cover therapy costs, including EMDR sessions. These programs might provide financial aid or discounts for therapy sessions. Research these programs online or inquire with your therapist or healthcare provider.

Community Colleges and Continuing Education Programs

Community colleges or educational institutions offering courses in counseling or psychology might have clinics where students provide therapy at reduced rates. Contact these educational institutions in Massachusetts to explore such affordable therapy options.

Employee Wellness Programs

Check if your employer has wellness programs that cover mental health services. They might offer subsidies or resources that include EMDR therapy as part of their mental health support initiatives.

Local Mental Health Events or Workshops

Attend local mental health workshops, seminars, or events in Massachusetts. These events often feature professionals discussing various therapeutic options, including affordable EMDR therapy resources or programs.

Peer Networks and Online Forums

Join online communities or forums related to mental health. Engaging with peers who have sought affordable therapy options in Massachusetts can provide valuable insights and recommendations.

Even after going through these ways if you’re still confused don’t hesitate to contact Resilience Behavioral Health which helps people find mental health services, like EMDR therapy. 

We give personalized advice to guide you through the options available in Massachusetts, making sure you get the therapy that’s just right for you. 

Reach out to us, we can help you in finding affordable EMDR therapy that fits your needs.


Navigating the search for affordable EMDR therapy in Massachusetts can feel like a bit of a puzzle, but there are many paths to explore. Community health centers, non-profit organizations, and universities often offer reduced-cost options. 

Online directories, group therapy, and even unique places like community centers may also provide affordable sessions.

And if the search still feels overwhelming, don’t hesitate to contact Resilience Behavioral Health. We specialize in guiding individuals to find the right mental health services, including personalized advice to fit their specific needs in Massachusetts.

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