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Resilience Treatment Team

We are Resilient.

Resilience is comprised of a team of highly educated, experienced, and compassionate individuals with a passion for helping all patient’s reach their goals of mental well-being, safety, and breakthrough in their life. We are comprised of both Clinical, Psychiatric, and Addiction Treatment specialists with professional and existential training in how to treat, support, and educate about recovery from mental health issues and addictive disorders.

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Clinical Team

It takes a village to support someone’s recovery from Substance Use or Mental Health. Meet the team who is here to help!

Clinical Director, Todd Payton LMHC.

After many years experience as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor I've focused on addiction and dual diagnosis therapy. Specifically trauma as it relates to addiction and other mental health disorders. Helping patients work through past trauma and high stress situations is vital. Assisting in setting long term goals and objectives to live a happy and successful life. I don't want anyone being held back from the past, its key to live in the present, and learn how to live with what's going on around us.

Program Director, Cameron Lyons M.A.

Meet our Program Director, Cameron Lyons. Cam's primary motive as a mental health counselor is to help the people served to live more meaningful and productive lives in harmony with themselves, their families, and their broader communities. Cam has completed his master's in counseling psychology program focusing on trauma from Fisher College; Cam is currently pursuing LMHC and LADC licensure. He has over ten years of human services experience. Cam is certified in Brain Spotting and trained in several modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral, Schema therapy, Brief Psychodynamic Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Cam's practice is significantly inclusive and adaptive, strongly focusing on serving LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent clients. His approach is centered on understanding these communities' unique experiences and challenges, offering tailored support that fosters resilience, self-acceptance, and personal growth.

Trauma Specialist, LeAnne Thoms LICSW.

Meet one of our Staff Therapist's, LeeAnne Thoms. LeeAnne is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), as well as a member of the Orthopedic Trauma Association.She works with people ranging from children, adolescents, and adults who seek therapy for many different reasons. Dealing with emotional pain and stress is difficult and therapy helps people learn new ways to overcome the feeling of being stuck and empowers them to move forward with their lives.

Primary Therapist, Delia Durgin B.A.

Meet one of our Primary Therapists, Delia Durgin. Delia regards helping others as her life’s work. She is certified in Brainspotting phase 2 therapy and trauma trained. She has multiple years of experience working with clients to achieve the best version of themselves. Delia has experience working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and substance use disorders. She utilizes techniques including motivational interviewing, CBT, mindfulness, internal family systems and schema therapy.

Trauma Therapist/ Resilience Behavioral Health

Primary Therapist, Sarah Banis B.S.

Meet one of our Primary Therapists, Sarah Banis, Sarah got her degree from Lesley University in counseling psychology. She is currently getting her masters in mental health counseling with a focus on trauma studies. Previously, Sarah has over 4 years worked in the field. Sarah previously worked at Bournewood Hospital in the intensive psychiatric unit. Sarah has 4 years of sobriety and continues to sponsor other women and help those along the way achieve sobriety. Sarah found her calling in helping others recover from mental health struggles and substance abuse disorder. 

Lisa Carson | Primary Therapist| Resilience Behavioral Health

Primary Therapist, Lisa Carson M.S.

Meet one of our Primary Therapists, Lisa Carson. Lisa holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology and has experience working to facilitate individuals in living their best lives through a wide variety of emotional and behavioral challenges. Ranging from substance use disorder, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and more. Lisa is also experienced in workings with individuals from a wide range of cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Damien Murray, Primary Therapist

Primary Therapist, Damien Murray M.A.

Meet one of our primary therapists, Damien Murray. Damien's therapeutic aim is to employ empathy, humor, and openness to establish a safe space where you can freely express yourself without judgment. This encompasses discussing strategies to attain your therapeutic objectives and addressing challenging topics, including past maladaptive behaviors. Damien perceives therapy as a platform for personal growth, comprehension, and fulfillment. Whether you seek assistance with substance-related concerns, processing traumatic experiences, or addressing anxiety and fears

Joe Dunn, Primary Therapist

Primary Therapist, Joseph Dunn B.A.

Meet one of our Primary Therapists, Joseph W. Dunn. Joe is a Licensed Alcohol and And Drug Counselor, Level One (LADC1) and a SMART Recovery Facilitator that brings decades of experience in providing clinical services for substance use and mental health. Joe was educated at Suffolk University and UMass Boston and is a veteran of the United States Navy. Joe is committed to helping a diverse population of adults dealing with a variety of addictive behaviors and emotional distress by offering a wide range of coping skills and evidence based interventions in ACT, CBT and DBT.

Primary Therapist, Caitlin Nord

Primary Therapist, Caitlin Nord, M.A.

Meet one of our Primary Therapists, Caitlin Nord. Caitlin has a bachelors degree in social work and is in the process of completing her masters in mental health counseling. "Deciding to try treatment for mental health takes courage and is the first step on the journey inward. Wanting to change something within yourself or your life is already a positive step forward to a healthier life. I enjoy working with individuals who are ready to face their challenges and have an open mind for their journey into making it happen for themselves."

Primary Therapist, Kevin Wing

Primary Therapist, Kevin Wing M.A.

Meet Kevin Wing, one of our primary therapists. Kevin is one of our primary therapists who is passionate about helping those struggling with their mental health. Originating from his personal mental health journey and eagerness to help others, Kevin has been driven to do all he can to guide those through their own distress. Whether it is anxiety, depression, or anything in between Kevin is determined to not only understand everyone’s personal struggles, but also let them know they are not alone to lend a hand where possible.

Will Gavigan, Group Facilitator

Group Facilitator, Will Gavigan

Meet one of our Group Facilitators, Will Gavigan. Will's journey towards recovery began ten years ago, fueling his passion for helping others navigate the challenges of substance abuse and addiction. Will's background includes comprehensive house management in sober living environments, where he honed his skills in creating supportive and accountable communities. Through one-on-one therapy sessions, Will has provided personalized support to individuals grappling with addiction, fostering a safe space for open dialogue and healing. Will specializes in guiding individuals through the transformative process of 12-step work, utilizing his firsthand experience to connect with and inspire those on the path to recovery. His approach integrates empathy, understanding, and evidence-based therapeutic techniques to empower clients to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting sobriety. As a Group Facilitator, Will is committed to creating a nurturing environment where individuals can share their experiences, learn from one another, and develop the essential skills for sustained recovery. His goal is to foster a sense of community, accountability, and empowerment within each group, promoting positive connections that contribute to long-term sobriety. With a profound understanding of the challenges associated with addiction, coupled with his professional expertise, Will is dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery, helping them build a foundation for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Operational and Administrative Team

Director of Operations, Kassi Conroy

Meet our Director of Operations, Kassi Conroy. Kassi is well versed in all aspects of the recovery care continuum, she has worked with individuals in various roles from community based supports to inpatient settings. Kassi is in long-term recovery and has been heavily involved within the recovery field for years & is currently enrolled into SNHU for her bachelors degree in substance abuse. She has helped many men and women throughout the years and also runs a local non profit with her husband. Being a mother of 3 is one of her greatest accomplishments, Kassi works a 12 step program of her own and loves nothing more than helping others find their own road to recovery, she is a hard-working, driven, and a compassionate individual that is always lending a helping hand. Kassi is someone who is constantly on the go and giving up is never an option. We are thrilled to have Kassi be a part of the RBH team and look forward to watching her grow..

Alumni Relations, Bailey Young

Meet our Alumni Relations Coordinator, Bailey Young. Bailey is a core asset to our programs community and daily operations. She is a powerful example of a woman in recovery and has continuously maintained sobriety for over 3 years while working a vigorous 12 step program. She is always reaching a hand out to any person in need of help. Bailey is a bright and bubbly personality who lights up every room and can relate and empathize with any struggling addict or alcoholic. She took a risk 4 years ago to move from Missouri to Massachusetts for recovery treatment and has since found her family within the A.A community and created a life for herself beyond her greatest imagination. She is a young woman who has dedicated her life to helping others overcome their struggles with drug and substance abuse. With a deep passion for making a positive impact on the lives of those struggling with addiction, she approaches each day with determination and compassion, providing a supportive and safe environment for those in her care. Through her dedication and unwavering commitment, she has earned the trust and respect of both her clients and colleagues alike, and continues to inspire others to seek the help they need to overcome their challenges and live a happier, healthier life.We are so lucky to have bailey as part of our team here at RBHC.

Jon Goodwin, Behavioral Tech

Jon Goodwin, Behavioral Tech

Meet one of our behavioral techs, Jon Goodwin. Jon has been sober since 2016, and runs multiple men’s sober houses. He’s an avid member of the AA community, and commits much of his life to helping other men achieve sobriety. He’s a driven and motivated individual who has chosen a career in recovery in order to help others who were in similar situations as him.

Amanda Tomasello, Case Manager

Amanda Tomasello, Case Manager

Meet one of our case managers, Amanda Tomasello. Amanda is a dedicated professional in the realm of mental health and substance use disorders, bringing a unique blend of talent, stoicism, and unwavering drive to her work. Her commitment extends beyond the workplace, as she is deeply family-oriented and values strong connections with those around her. Amanda is a formidable advocate for her passions, channeling her energy into providing robust support for individuals grappling with mental health and substance use challenges. Within her team, she cultivates an environment of confidence, acceptance, and trust, fostering a space where peers feel empowered to collaborate and make a meaningful impact

Derek Lopes, Case Manager

Derek Lopes, Case Manager

Meet one of our case managers, Derek Lopes. Derek always shows up to work with a smile and a calm, positive attitude. Derek is a great listener and willing to provide solid advice and solutions to others. Derek has been able to navigate his own recovery while being a single father to his one year old son. Derek enjoys participating in community events and can often be seen playing frisbee golf, enjoying sober nights at Canobie Lake Park, and various other events sponsored by MYPIR. Derek encourages others in recovery to network in the sober community. Derek understands the importance of balancing personal responsibilities, networking, and having fun in sobriety.

The Resilience Team is here to help.

Resilience Behavioral Health is known for being a welcoming and supportive workplace that fosters a strong sense of community among its staff. The company culture emphasizes the importance of teamwork and mutual respect, which creates a family-like atmosphere. Employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns with their colleagues and supervisors, and they are encouraged to collaborate on projects and initiatives. The company values work-life balance and supports personal and family obligations. The Resilience Team is passionate about helping their clients discover the best possible version of themselves while achieving the highest possibly quality of life. Overall, Resilience Behavioral Health is recognized for its warm and inclusive environment catering to clients and promotes a positive work experience for all team members.