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Innovative Therapies Art and Music's Impact on Trauma and PTSD Recovery in Massachusetts

It’s not sometimes but mostly that words aren’t enough to describe something. It is especially true for males who like to be all silent and mysterious, and children who often lack vocabulary. Not to forget our ladies who are predominantly better at art and music. This brings us to if really art and music therapy are effective in trauma and PTSD rehab, as institutions in Massachusetts are offering.

Since a lot of us find it easy to enjoy music and express our non-verbal thoughts with art, there must be a connection between them and therapy, right? That’s what we’ll be exploring in this article – the impact of art and music therapy on trauma and PTSD rehab.

Art Therapy On Trauma And PTSD Rehab

Art therapy utilizes art forms, such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and collage, to facilitate self-expression and healing in trauma survivors. In addition, narrative therapy is also utilized in art therapy, which involves telling a story through art.

Art therapy is super effective in promoting resilience and emotional healing. This is evident from a study that showed 76% of veterans reported a significant improvement in post-traumatic growth. Another study revealed that after engaging in art therapy interventions, 68% of trauma survivors experienced a reduction in PTSD symptoms.

The Impact Of Music Therapy On Trauma And PTSD Recovery

Music therapy is an expressive form of therapy that utilizes the power of music to promote trauma and PTSD rehab. It is generally used as a complementary approach to some of the more traditional evidence-based approaches.

Music therapy can be as simple as just listening to music. And if someone wants to take things further, it can involve playing instruments or even composing songs. 

You might already be familiar with having goosebumps upon listening to songs that resonate perfectly with us. This is because music can stimulate the brain’s reward pathways, providing a sense of pleasure. By extension, relief from all the anxiety and stress from traumatic experiences.

Art Therapy vs Music Therapy For Trauma Rehab

There have been several studies showing the impact of art and music therapy for trauma rehab. It is based on the findings of these studies that institutes in Massachusetts offer trauma and PTSD rehab. 

One particular study has caught our eye that compares the effectiveness of art to music therapy in a similar setting. It was published in November 2023, following rehab for adolescents who survived abduction in Nigeria.

118 students were put into the art group and 117 into the music group. Both treatment therapies showed improvement results, however, art therapy proved to be more effective.

Trauma and PTSD Rehab


Both art therapies and music therapies work pleasantly well to treat trauma and PTSD. However, they are mostly used in conjunction with other evidence-based approaches to maximize results. 

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