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Partial Hospitalization Program Admission Process in MA

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, an estimated 30.8% of adults in the MA state experienced a mental health disorder in the past year. This is an alarming situation which requires struggle-free access to mental healthcare. A smooth and supportive entry into treatment can make all the difference. Resilience Behavioral Health ensures a well-defined pathway into its Partial Hospitalization Program in Massachusetts, recognizing the importance of individualized care.

Admission Process for Partial Hospitalization Program Massachusetts

Resilience Behavioral Health ensures a seamless entry into its Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) with a clear pathway:

1. Confidential Assessment:

The first step involves a confidential assessment, providing a foundation for understanding the individual’s needs. Clinical Intake Specialists work swiftly to answer questions, ensuring a confidential and supportive environment.

2. Check Your Benefits:

Prospective clients are encouraged to check their benefits to gain clarity on coverage. Resilience Behavioral Health recognizes the importance of transparent communication and helps individuals navigate the financial aspect of their treatment.

3. Choose Your Program:

With the guidance of Clinical Intake Specialists, individuals can choose the most fitting program for their needs. The flexibility in program selection ensures a ta

Partial Hospitalization Program Massachusetts

Treatment Phases at Resilience Behavioral Health

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP):

The PHP phase, often known as “Get Sober,” provides a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to addiction recovery. Tailored for those needing more intensive support than outpatient care but not requiring 24/7 inpatient care, this phase of the Partial Hospitalization Program in Massachusetts focuses on achieving sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP):

The IOP phase offers structured care in a supportive environment. Led by experienced clinicians, this program is designed to provide intensive outpatient treatment, fostering understanding and empathy.


Post-PHP and IOP facilitate the transition back into daily life. It employs various support mechanisms, including 12-step AA meetings, individual therapy, psychopharmacology, and regular check-ins with an aftercare specialist, ensuring sustained progress at Resilience Behavioral Health.

We Care

Resilience Behavioral Health’s admission process not only prioritizes confidentiality and individualized support but also recognizes the importance of ongoing care through structured treatment phases. This approach ensures a continuum of support for individuals on their path to recovery.

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