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Affordable Partial Hospitalization Program PHP In MA

Massachusetts Partial Hospitalization Program PHP in MA allows individuals to maintain their daily responsibilities and relationships while receiving essential care. Meaning, they can receive treatment during the day and return home in the evenings. 

This becomes a suitable option for individuals to continue their everyday commitments. Patients looking to smoothly transition back to normal routines also find partial hospitalization programs in Massachusetts helpful.

Ahead, we have compiled a concise list to help you find a popular and affordable partial hospitalization program in Massachusetts. This will speed things up for you, so you can find proper care for yourself or your loved one ASAP.

Affordable Partial Hospitalization Program PHP In Massachusetts

Resilience Behavioral Health

Resilience Behavioral Health offers a variety of financial assistance programs to make care as affordable as possible. They also include scholarships and grants as a part of their financial assistance. That’s without the insurance, which they do accept as well to maximize care coverage. Resilience provides Affordable PHP in MA.

More importantly, they offer sliding scale fee options for patients with low income. With this option, you can seek care for as low as $20 per day.

The Haven New England

The Haven New England is a CARF-accredited facility that offers a variety of affordable programs for adolescents and adults struggling with addiction or co-occurring disorders. 

They offer scholarships and grants and accept most insurance plans. If you don’t have insurance, you can seek care here at $25-$250 per day with their sliding scale fee option.


Turnbridge is a therapeutic boarding school for adolescents and adults struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Their PHP offers a structured and supportive environment where patients can learn to develop healthy coping skills and make positive choices.

They offer scholarships, and grants, and work with patient’s insurance companies to maximize coverage. With their sliding scale fee option, a patient with a family of four can get care for $20-$300 per day.

Partial Hospitalization Program Massachusetts

What You Should Do If You’re Looking For Affordable Care for Partial Hospitalization in MA?

Top-quality care always comes first, but who says it has to be expensive? 

You can find quality care with a bit of research and a few consultations. For research, you can refer to SAMHSA’s service locator, or read patient testimonials for institutions that you narrowed down.

However, with consultations, you can find partial hospitalization programs in Massachusetts that are more suitable for your specific circumstances. Contact Resilience Behavioral Health or call 888.401.1179 to book your consultation now!