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Partial Hospitalization Program For Mental Health In Massachusetts

In the fast-paced world of today, it isn’t uncommon to see people with high motivations to accomplish outstanding achievements. However, it may invite feeling burned out at times, or even anxiety or depression

These are only a few mental health challenges, affecting one in 5 people in the US – about 57.8 million in 2021. Not to worry! 

We have compiled a quick list of partial hospitalization program in Massachusetts for you. You can pursue them for yourself or your loved one; these are affordable and will help you find quality care. And, these are partial hospitalization programs, so you can maintain daily commitments while seeking care. 

Massachusetts Partial Hospitalization Program For Mental Health

Resilience Behavioral Health

Resilience Behavioral Health is a CARF-accredited facility that offers services for adolescents and adults struggling with mental health disorders. Their PHP provides a safe and supportive environment where patients can learn to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Here’s why you should pursue them:


Turnbridge is a therapeutic boarding school for adolescents struggling with mental health disorders. Their PHP offers a supportive environment where teens can learn to develop healthy coping skills and make positive choices. Here are some unique features of their partial hospitalization program in Massachusetts:

  • 4.8-star ratings on 100 Google reviews.
  • Turnbridge offers a variety of therapies and programs, including individual and group therapy, medication management, and life skills training.
  • Turnbridge offers transitional support to help teens transition back to their home life after completing the program.

Clean Slate Centers

Clean Slate Centers is a non-profit organization located in Springfield, MA. They offer a supportive environment with a structured treatment plan for addressing mental health challenges in adults. Here’s what their partial hospitalization program in Massachusetts has to offer:

  • 4.1-star rating on 21 Google reviews.
  • Offers a variety of specialized programs, such as the Pregnancy/Postpartum Program, Hepatitis C Treatment Program, and Poly-Substance Treatment Program.
  • They offer a comprehensive treatment plan to address all addictions of a patient struggling with poly-substance abuse disorder.
Partial Hospitalization Program Massachusetts

Summing It Up

We have listed only 3 institutions that can help you seek partial hospitalization to treat mental health challenges in Massachusetts. However, know that there are several others and any of them can be the more suitable option for you.

All you have to do is take the first step, and Resilience Behavioral Health can help you with that. Let us help diagnose your specific symptoms, so a tailored treatment plan at the best-fitting institution can be hashed out for you. 

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