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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment MA

Mental health rehab services are a great option in Massachusetts because they help with mental health and substance abuse struggles. 

If you or someone you care about is facing such struggles, pursuing these rehabs would be the way to go.

In Massachusetts, there are lots of places that provide support and treatment for people facing these challenges. 

Places In MA For People Seeking Substance Abuse And Mental Health Treatment

Here are a few locations in Massachusetts that offer rehab for individuals dealing with substance abuse and mental health challenges.

Woburn Addiction Treatment

Woburn Addiction Treatment founded at 53 Cummings Park Dr, Woburn, MA 01801, USA, is known for its top-notch services. They excel in services, earning praise from patients for exceptional care.

Addiction Treatment Center of New England 

The Center of New England, located at 77 Warren St, Brighton, MA 02135, USA. The New England Addiction Treatment Center is known for its efforts in aiding people dealing with addiction

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center offers various addiction treatments that address the root cause of the addiction. It even offers choices between staying there for treatment or just visiting during the day. It’s got an excellent 4.6-star rating on Google Maps. 

Blue Hills Recovery

They include therapy, programs to help cleanse the body from drugs or alcohol, talking sessions with counselors, and choices between staying there for treatment or going in for visits.

They imply effective treatments, supportive staff, therapy, detox programs, and flexible treatment options.

Mental Health Rehab Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Behavioral Health Help Line

The Massachusetts Behavioral Health Help Line, reachable at 1-833-773-2445, is a really helpful service that’s free and keeps everything you share confidential. It’s there to give information and steer you toward different substance abuse and mental health treatment options available throughout Massachusetts.

This hotline will provide you support and advice, and link you with the right resources matching your needs. So, if you’re looking for info about treatment choices, need support, or just want to know where to find help, this helpline is great for giving you the right info and connecting you with the right places.


In Massachusetts, getting help for both substance abuse and mental health issues is important for getting better. Woburn Addiction, Addiction Treatment Center of New England, Northeast Addictions, and Blue Hills Recovery offer effective treatments and supportive environments.

All these resources show how vital it is to tackle both substance abuse and mental health together for a better recovery. They’re here to help you get better and feel supported along the way.