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Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Veterans in Massachusetts

The Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Massachusetts are popular for their customized therapy, for each client, based on their unique needs. These centers offer a variety of therapeutic approaches to support the recovery journey from addiction or dual diagnosis. 

However, there are a number of dual-diagnosis treatment centers in Massachusetts to help suffering veterans.

Massachusetts Department of Veterans' Services

Veterans face unique challenges that put them at a higher risk of dual diagnosis, including exposure to trauma, combat stress, and also prescribed drugs that leads them to addiction. This is evident from the fact that about 20% of the Veterans are struggling with addiction, mental health challenges, or both.

Here are some centers to provide the support and assistance veterans need for both mental health and addiction challenges.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Massachusetts for Veterans

In Massachusetts, there are special centers meant just for veterans who are facing dual diagnosis. 

Let’s have a look at some of the centers:

Legacy Healing Center

Each person’s treatment plan is customized by the Legacy Healing Center based on their unique needs, the resources offered at the institution, their past mental health history, and other variables.

Evoke Wellness 

This center helps veterans suffering from dual diagnosis and provides them with tailored treatment such as talking sessions, which include one-on-one talking and group discussions. 

Other sessions include personalized plans, medication support, learning new skills, and much more. 

Banyan Treatment Center

It helps veterans who want to overcome dual diagnosis. They provide different programs to suit your needs, like intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and standard outpatient services.

Their Veterans Recovery program offers various therapies that can make a big difference in your journey to feeling better. 

On Google, Banyan Treatment Center gets a 4.4 rating for offering the greatest quality of treatment.

Best Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Center Walpole

About Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is like a big healthcare family in the U.S. It’s the largest system, taking care of veterans at 1,321 places, which includes 172 big medical centers and 1,138 smaller spots.

Not just this, you can get care outside of hospitals as well. Every year, around 9 million veterans get help from this system.


The dual diagnosis centers in Massachusetts have highlighted the common occurrence of dual diagnosis among veterans. 

These treatment centers are working hard to tackle the intricate relationship between mental health and addiction, serving as symbols of hope for our veterans.

In recognizing the challenges veterans face, these centers offer specialized care, tailoring their approach to each person’s unique needs.