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Affordable Intensive Outpatient Boston Addiction Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Program Boston

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) is a type of addiction treatment that offers more attentive care than traditional outpatient programs. They offer a variety of services including individual or group therapy, medication management, and relapse prevention planning. 

They are meant to last 3-5 days per week for 3-6 hours per day. Although, they don’t require a 24/7 treatment plan, they can still tend to consume a considerable time; therefore, affordability is an important factor when considering intensive outpatient program in Boston. 

Community supported groups are also available, where all you have to do is just attend the meeting. 

We will discuss these and a few of the most affordable intensive outpatient program Boston for addiction treatment, ahead.

1. Resilience Behavioral Health Centers:

Resilience Behavioral Health offers affordable intensive outpatient addiction treatment by doctoring the core issue surrounding an addiction. By treating the root cause of an addiction, the clients can move towards a sober and healthy life

They offer sliding scale fees for the full cost of treatment, as well as financial assistance on several treatment programs. You can learn more about the financial plan by visiting their website or contacting 888.401.1179.

2. Bridgewell

Bridgewell is a nonprofit organization operating in Boston and nearby areas. They offer a variety of human services including intensive outpatient programs. Their sliding scale fees payment option makes treatment affordable for individuals from different financial backgrounds, even if they have limited financial resources. 

3. The Dimmock Center

The Dimmock Center is another non-profit community health center that offers a variety of medical, dental, and behavioral health services including intensive outpatient program for addiction treatment in Boston. 

They accept Medicaid as well as several private insurance plans. You can also request sliding scale fees by fulfilling their qualification criteria.

4. Support Groups

Support groups, typically consisting of 12-step programs, are suitable for people struggling with any form of addiction. These have meetings held all over Boston and are absolutely free to attend. The best way to learn about them is to simply attend a meeting. 

The support groups include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Smart Recovery. You don’t have to be a part of any support group at all to attend a free meeting.

Addiction Treatment Doesn’t Have To Be Unaffordable

Our health is a precious treasure that doesn’t have to be too difficult to afford. The above covered organizations offer some of the most affordable intensive outpatient Boston addiction treatment. 

If you or your loved one is seeking treatment for mental health issues, substance abuse, or other behavioral challenges, remember: affordable treatment options are always available. 

Let us help you find a tailor-made intensive outpatient program in Boston for you. 

Visit Resilience Behavioral Health or contact 888.401.1179.