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EMDR Therapy for Couples: Massachusetts Resources

In Massachusetts, there are plenty of great therapists and clinics that specialize in using EMDR therapy to help couples. Whether you’re in Boston, Cambridge, or elsewhere in the state, these skilled professionals are there to support couples through tough times, whether it’s working through past hurts or strengthening their bond. 

They’re trained in EMDR, to make a real difference, and they focus on how relationships work. No matter if you prefer the energy of the city or the calmness of the suburban areas, Massachusetts has diverse options for couples looking for compassionate and effective therapy. 

It’s all about helping couples rebuild trust, improve communication, and rediscover closeness in their relationships.

Let’s have a glance at how EMDR helps couples in rebuilding their relationships.

EMDR Helping Couples Heal Relationship Struggles

Here are a few points to look for in how EMDR helps couples heal relationship struggles:

Early Childhood Attachment Issues

This involves looking at how your experiences growing up affect how you now relate to each other. It’s about understanding how those early connections shape the way you communicate and support one another in your relationship.

Past Infidelity or Betrayal

When trust has been broken, it can deeply impact a relationship. Couples EMDR helps address the hurt and rebuild trust by working through the emotions and finding ways to reconnect and move forward.

Financial Stress or Job Loss

Money matters can strain a relationship. EMDR for couples can help navigate the stress, anxiety, and tension that arise from financial struggles, allowing partners to support each other and find ways to manage these challenges together.

Loss of a Loved One

Grieving together can be incredibly hard. Couples EMDR provides a safe space to process the loss, support each other through the grief, and find ways to honor the memory of the loved one while strengthening your bond.

Communication Difficulties

Effective communication is the backbone of a healthy relationship. EMDR for couples helps identify and address the underlying issues that hinder communication, offering tools to improve understanding and connection.

Unresolved Conflicts

Lingering issues can create distance. Couples EMDR dig into these unresolved conflicts, helping partners understand each other’s perspectives, find common ground, and work through these challenges constructively.

EMDR therapy for couples gives a safe space to talk about tough things that might be causing problems.  This can change how the memories affect you and help you handle things in healthier ways.

Here are a few ways EMDR Couple Therapy can help couples build a stronger, more connected relationship.

Benefits of EMDR Couple Therapy

Feeling Better

Research has shown that couples doing EMDR therapy feel way less anxious 50% and less sad about 30% compared to those doing regular talk therapy. This means feeling calmer, more positive, and better able to handle tough times together. Imagine spending more time enjoying each other and less time stuck on past problems.

Talking and Feeling Closer

EMDR helps couples talk and understand each other better. It’s like a boost for communication skills, making it easier to listen, understand feelings, and express emotions. This helps couples feel more connected and have deeper conversations about what matters to them.

Understanding Each Other Better

With EMDR, couples get better at understanding where each other is coming from, especially about past issues and arguments. It helps them see things from the other’s side and care more about their partner’s experiences. It’s like building stronger bridges between them instead of having walls that keep them apart.

Solving Problems

EMDR is like a secret weapon for solving big fights. It makes arguments happen less often and not as intensely. It helps couples figure out why they keep having the same old fights and gives them new ways to deal with them. Picture leaving behind the same old arguments and building a new, better way of getting along.

Overall, EMDR makes relationships much happier. It’s like investing in a better future together.

It brings couples closer, helps them deal with tough times, and makes their relationship more joyful and satisfying.

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Cost Consideration for EMDR Therapy for Couples

When considering EMDR therapy for couples in Massachusetts, here’s what you might want to know about costs:


EMDR therapy session fees can vary based on location, therapist experience, and the clinic or practice. Generally, each session for couples might range from $100 to $250 or more. The number of sessions needed can also vary widely, depending on the specific needs of the couple and the complexity of the issues being addressed. It could range from a few sessions to several months of therapy.

Insurance Coverage

Some insurance plans may cover a portion of therapy costs, but coverage for couples therapy, including EMDR, can vary widely. It’s advisable to check with your insurance provider to understand what they cover and what might be out-of-pocket expenses. Therapists might also offer sliding-scale fees or payment plans based on financial need, so it’s worth discussing this with the therapist.

Community Resources

Some clinics or community centers might offer reduced-cost or free therapy services on a sliding scale for those who qualify based on income. Remember, these are estimated costs and coverage scenarios, and actual costs may differ based on individual circumstances and therapist fees. 

Consult Resilience Behavioral Health for Better Guidance

Suppose you’re thinking about trying EMDR therapy together and you’re not sure about how much it costs. In that case, if insurance covers it, or how many sessions you might need, Resilience Behavioral Health can help. 

We’re a caring team that specializes in supporting couples through tough times. We’ll explain how much EMDR therapy might cost, whether insurance could help cover it, and give you details about what the therapy involves. Just give us a call at 888.401.1179. We’re here to guide you and help you figure out what’s best for you as a couple.

Places for EMDR Therapy for Couples in Massachusetts

Open Path Collective

Open Path Collective has this awesome thing where therapy sessions are affordable for individuals and couples who might be tight on cash. Like, the sessions range from $30 to $80, which is pretty cool. And if you’re facing money troubles, you can apply to become a member. It’s all confidential, and if you’re accepted, you can connect with therapists who offer discounted rates. Plus, they’ve got sweet deals on other mental health problems too, not just therapy. Things like electronic health records and other helpful resources all at a discount.

Valley Wellness

Valley Wellness provides counseling for both individuals and couples. They’ve got a bunch of therapists who know about a technique called EMDR that can help with different problems. You can find more about them on their website.

The North Shore Center 

The North Shore Center for EMDR is a place where they do therapy using EMDR for both individuals and couples. They’re pretty good at dealing with relationship stuff, so if that’s your main concern, they might be a good option. You can find more details on their website.

If you’re looking for therapy that suits both you and your partner, these centers offer different techniques, like EMDR, to help with mental health. They’re here to support you on your journey to feeling better.


If you’re considering EMDR therapy as a couple in Massachusetts, there’s a wealth of options available to support your relationship and mental health. Whether you’re addressing past issues, seeking better communication, or simply aiming to feel happier together, these therapy centers specializing in EMDR offer diverse approaches tailored to your needs.

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