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Teen Drug Rehab Massachusetts

2.08 million teens, 12-17 years old, use drugs each month, according to NCDAS. Perhaps, it is because their brains are still developing. Or their curious nature takes them to explore drug usage; maybe, it is just peer pressure. But know this: it is a problem which is very much treatable at teen drug rehabs in Massachusetts. 

Ahead, we will explore a few facilities in Massachusetts that can assist with drug rehabilitation for teens. Now, when you’re looking for a suitable rehab, look for one that offers programs designed specifically for teens such as:

Drug Rehab Facilities For Teens In Massachusetts

Resilience Behavioral Health

Resilience Behavioral Health is a CARF-accredited facility offering a variety of programs for teenagers facing addiction challenges. Their teen program, called the Adolescent Recovery Program, provides a safe and supportive environment where teens can learn to live healthy and drug-free lives.

They offer individual therapy, where a therapist works with a teen to identify negative thoughts and beliefs. These need to be treated as they are directly contributing to addiction.

Other than that, they offer group therapy, family therapy, and other evidence-based personalized treatments.

Teen Challenge Massachusetts in Brockton, MA

It is a faith-based program that offers a free, 12-month residential treatment program for teens struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Click here to read more on affordable drug rehab programs in Massachusetts.

Their program is based on the principles of the Bible, and they offer a variety of spiritual and character development activities. They also include life skills training to help teens learn how to budget, cook meals, and find a job.

The Haven New England in South Attleboro

The Haven New England is also a CARF-accredited facility providing treatment services for adolescents struggling with substance abuse. They offer MAT to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings. For this purpose, they might offer medications such as buprenorphine or methadone.

Their Equine therapy grabs the attention for most teenagers. It involves teens to work with a horse to groom it, lead it, and ride it. This builds trust in teens and helps them communicate with others. 

Drug Rehab Massachusetts

Final Thoughts

The above drug rehabs are suitable options for teens because they offer specialized programs tailored to the needs of adolescents. 

Teens are at a unique stage of development, and they face specific challenges when it comes to addiction treatment. Teen drug rehabs understand these challenges and provide the support and guidance that teens need to recover.

We went quickly through the above list and kept things too close to the point. There’s much more research involved in finding the fitting rehab, such as costs, treatment, testimonials, etc. 

If you want to learn more, visit Resilience Behavioral Health or call 888.401.1179.