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Long-term PHP Options in Massachusetts

There are many scenarios in which long-term PHP options are more well-suited for individuals. For instance, Individuals experiencing persistent or severe depression that has not responded adequately to outpatient therapy may benefit from a long-term Partial Hospitalization Program, in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, not many healthcare facilities in Massachusetts offer long-term partial hospitalization programs. 

Some top-notch dual diagnosis facilities, such as Resilience Behavioral Health, however, provide comprehensive behavioral health and addiction treatment. This program includes long-term PHP as part of its services to the individuals and their families across Massachusetts.

Let’s discuss some long-term PHP options in Massachusetts.

Top 05 Long-term PHP Options in Massachusetts

Here are the top 05 hospitals that offer long-term partial hospitalization programs in Massachusetts:

Resilience Behavioral Health – Boston, Massachusetts:

Resilience Behavioral Health is a distinguished mental health and addiction treatment facility dedicated to providing comprehensive care to individuals and families across Massachusetts. 

The institution focuses on the holistic nature of mental health and addiction. It goes beyond diagnoses, seeing individuals as unique stories, not just defined by their challenges.

McLean Hospital – Belmont, MA:

Affiliated with Harvard Medical School, McLean Hospital is a renowned psychiatric institution offering diverse mental health services, including comprehensive partial hospitalization programs known for intensive care tailored to various conditions.

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) – Boston, Massachusetts:

MGH, another Harvard Medical School affiliate, is a well-known medical institution that provides comprehensive mental health services. Their partial hospitalization programs are designed to address the specific needs of individuals with mental health challenges, including depression.

Boston Medical Center – Boston, MA:

Boston Medical Center is a leading academic medical center that offers psychiatric services, including partial hospitalization programs. Their programs offer intensive treatment for individuals with mental health disorders, including anxiety, stress, and depression.

Arlington Behavioral Health Hospital – Arlington, MA:

Arlington Behavioral Health Hospital is a private psychiatric hospital that may offer partial hospitalization programs. Private facilities like this often provide specialized mental health services and can be an option for those seeking long-term care.

Partial Hospitalization Program Massachusetts

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