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Partial Hospitalization Program for Veterans in Massachusetts

At Resilience Behavioral Health, the commitment to holistic care extends to those who’ve served our nation. Veterans in Massachusetts can now access a one-of-a-kind Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), tailored to address their specific needs while maintaining the distinct Resilience touch.

Marching to a Different Beat:

Veterans' Partial Hospitalization Program in Massachusetts

Resilience Behavioral Health’s PHP for veterans offers a specialized form of intensive outpatient treatment. 

Crafted for individuals needing more support than standard outpatient care but not requiring the constant supervision of inpatient programs, this program allows veterans to navigate their mental health journey with the support they deserve.

Deploying Flexibility, Saving Costs:

The Unique Advantages of Veterans PHP

Unlike a traditional inpatient stay, the PHP for veterans introduces flexibility into their schedules, acknowledging the diverse responsibilities veterans often juggle. Cost-effectiveness is a key feature, ensuring access to quality care without breaking the bank. Resilience Behavioral Health prides itself on providing a level of personalized attention that’s as unique as each veteran’s journey.

In the Trenches Together:

Family Focus and Support Groups

Resilience Behavioral Health’s PHP emphasizes the crucial role families play in a veteran’s recovery journey. 

The program actively encourages family involvement, recognizing that a loved one’s support can be a powerful catalyst for success. Additionally, support groups within the PHP framework create a camaraderie among veterans, fostering a sense of understanding and shared experience.

Weapons in the Arsenal:

Comprehensive Care for Veterans

Resilience Behavioral Health’s PHP for veterans offers a comprehensive array of therapeutic tools. 

From evidence-based therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to stress management skills building, the program addresses the unique challenges veterans face. Medication management, regular psychiatric evaluations, and relapse prevention strategies further contribute to the arsenal of resources designed to support veterans in their mental health journey.

Partial Hospitalization Program Massachusetts

A Soldier's Path to Recovery:

How to Enlist in Resilience's PHP

Veterans in Massachusetts seeking a PHP that understands their unique journey can connect with Resilience Behavioral Health. Call (888)-401-1179 to embark on a personalized PHP plan with a dedicated team of professionals committed to guiding veterans back on the path to recovery.