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Welcome to Resilience Behavioral Health, where the core of our approach lies in the principles of trauma-informed care. Your well-being is our utmost priority, and we aim to provide an environment that nurtures recovery and resilience.

What Are the Principles of Trauma-Informed Care?

The principles of trauma informed care are a framework that focuses on understanding and addressing the impact of trauma. Rather than asking “What’s wrong with you?”, we ask, “What happened to you?” With this perspective, we can provide better support and interventions.

Principles of Trauma Informed Care | Resilience Behavioral Health


Safety is the cornerstone of our work. Clients must feel physically and emotionally safe for healing to begin. We continually assess our environment to ensure it promotes a sense of security.


Choice is critical in the journey towards healing. In line with the principles of trauma-informed care, we offer multiple treatment options. You decide what feels right for you.


We are a team—staff and clients alike. True to the principles of trauma-informed care, we actively involve you in your care plan. Your insights and feedback are invaluable.


Transparency builds trust. Consistency in our practice and clear communication are paramount. Trust is an integral part of the principles of trauma-informed care.


We are here to facilitate your healing. The principles  guide us to empower you. You are the expert of your experience, and we honor that knowledge.

Why Do These Principles Matter?

Incorporating the principles of  care changes the dynamics of therapeutic interactions. It creates a supportive culture for both staff and clients. Applying these principles fosters resilience and facilitates recovery.

How We Apply the Principles

Personalized Treatment Plans

Your experience is unique, and your treatment plan should be too. We design each plan while closely adhering to the principles of trauma-informed care.

Skilled Staff Training

Our team receives ongoing training on the principles of  care. They are equipped with the skills to respond empathetically and effectively to your needs.

Community Partnerships

We engage with the community to amplify the impact of the principles of trauma-informed care. Collaboration extends beyond our walls to include family, friends, and community resources.

Case Studies: Principles of Care in Action

We have multiple success stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of adopting the principles. Clients report improved relationships, self-esteem, and an enhanced quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Benefits from Trauma-Informed Care?

Anyone can benefit. While it’s especially important for those with a history of trauma, the principles of  care create a respectful and nurturing environment for all.

How Can I Get Involved?

Reach out to us! Whether you’re seeking care or looking to join our team, we’re always looking for individuals who resonate with the principles of care.

At Resilience Behavioral Health, our commitment to the principles of  care is unwavering. From the moment you walk through our doors, you are treated with the dignity, respect, and care you deserve. Together, we pave the path towards healing and resilience. Thank you for trusting us to be part of your journey.